The Zanchi family has always considered the vineyard as a treasure that must be stewarded and respected, and therefore they have always cultivated their 30 hectares of vines in accord with the principles of sustainable viticulture, which means utilising practices having low impact on the environment, in full respect for nature and it's biodiversity. An ethical approach that has led the winery over the years to obtain the organic certification.
Thermal excursion, exposure to sunlight and the characteristic soil texture, sandy-clay with remains of marine fossils, give the wines of this area minerality, structure and acidity.
The potential quality of the grapes, from vineyards ranging from 20 to 50 years old, is enhanced by severe pruning and by cluster-thinning. Harvesting is entirely by hand, and immediately processing the freshly-picked grapes ensures the freshness and fragrance of the must.
Zanchi boasts total control over every single step in the winegrowing process, starting from identifying the highest-quality native varieties and the most suitable sites in which to grow them.
All phases of production are carried out in the winery, from receiving the grapes to bottling. Every step is followed directly by the Zanchi family with minimal intervention in winemaking, looking for the right balance between the human hand and nature to obtain authentic, healthy and elegant wines.
An underground tunnel is dedicated to the ageing of wines in oak barrels and in bottle. The underground siting of this cellar, along with the materials used and its natural ventilation, ensure naturally optimal conditions for wine's evolution.